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Providing psychological assessment and intervention services to children and adolescents.




You are probably here because someone you care about is experiencing difficulties related to learning, paying attention, getting along with others, or managing distressing events and emotions.


At Steps Psychology, we are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential. We believe in supporting children and adolescents by focusing on their strengths and resources, equipping them with the understanding and skills they need to navigate life's challenges.





Dr. Lesley Daniels is a child and adolescent psychologist, registered in the province of Ontario to practice school and clinical psychology.



  • Assessment of learning disabilities, intellectual giftedness, ADHD, and social-emotional difficulties.

  • Individual therapy for anxiety, depression/low mood, self-esteem issues, and social or behavioural difficulties.  

  • Consultation to parents, school staff, and other health professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions


This may be your first experience seeking the services of a psychologist.  Please click here to read answers to some of the most common questions people have about psychological assessment and therapy.

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