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Services Offered

Steps Psychology offers individualized assessment and intervention services aimed at helping children and adolescents reach their personal and academic potential.  We support school-age clients presenting with a range of concerns, including learning difficulties, attention problems, and social-emotional or behavioural challenges.  We also offer assessments of intellectual giftedness.  Because we believe that parents, teachers, and other health professionals are important partners in the work we do, we are pleased to provide consultation on the issues faced by the youth in their care.





  • Psychological assessment is offered as a way to explore and better understand a child or adolescent’s strengths and needs in terms of cognitive/intellectual ability, academic achievement, processes related to learning (e.g., memory, language, attention), and/or social-emotional functioning. 


  • Assessments may identify learning disabilities, intellectual giftedness or delay, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and anxiety or mood disorders.  


  • A detailed report summarizing assessment results and containing individualized, practical recommendations for home and school is provided.




  • Individual therapy is offered as a treatment for anxiety, depression/low mood, self-esteem issues, and social or behavioural difficulties. 


  • Working from a cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) framework, children and adolescents learn skills and techniques to manage their symptoms, cope with challenges, and overcome their difficulties. 


  • Following an initial consultation, a treatment plan and goals are developed in collaboration with the family; weekly sessions involve review and discussion, direct instruction and rehearsal of coping strategies, and, where appropriate, parent involvement to reinforce new skills.



  • Consultation is offered to parents/guardians, school staff, and other professionals concerned about a child or adolescent’s functioning and seeking direction from a psychological perspective. 


  • Consultation services are individually tailored and may include review, integration, and/or summary of previous psychological assessment reports and recommendations for next steps.  


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